The School of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences at Clark Atlanta University received a grant from the National Science Foundation to support the Robert Noyce Mathematics Scholars Program for Teachers (MSPT). The goal of the MSPT is to increase the number of highly qualified and effective mathematics teachers for high-need school systems. These “New Era” teachers will be equipped with strong mathematics content knowledge and effective classroom management and pedagogical skills. The Clark Atlanta University (CAU) Robert Noyce Mathematics Scholars Program for Teachers (MSPT) is a collaborative effort with Atlanta Public Schools and Fulton County Schools.

The program will provide scholarships up to $10,000 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors and professionals to obtain the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree in secondary mathematics. Georgia participants may also apply for additional support from the Georgia HOPE Scholarship program. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a master's degree in teaching mathematics with T-5 teacher certification. This opportunity will allow STEM majors to enter the teaching profession at a higher pay scale than the traditional BA or alternative teacher preparation programs.




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Robert Noyce Brochure
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